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THAT kiss!

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More photos of Tom Hardy at the screening of “Locke” tonight. Standing to his left is the writer/director of the film, Steven Knight. Here Tom is closely shorn for his role in “Child 44”, but in “Locke” he has a beard and speaks in a Welsh accent. Tom is on screen for the whole 90 minutes. You hear the voices of the other actors (Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, etc.), but you never actually see them. It is beautifully filmed and Tom’s performance is utterly compelling.

Tom Hardy at the screening of “Locke” in Venice tonight. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, folks. I had no idea he was going to be there and was not well prepared!)

Tom Hardy at the screening of “Locke” in Venice tonight. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, folks. I had no idea he was going to be there and was not well prepared!)


E.E. Cummings

Understated and so beautiful…

A moment of truth for Lix … and Bel … and me!


"Heroes or villainswe are all somewhere in between."

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La Inglesa Española turned 1 today!

La Inglesa Española turned 1 today!


I feel it’s my civic duty to warn anybody out there who may be considering flying with Flybe NOT TO!

My New Year’s resolution is NEVER TO FLY WITH FLYBE AGAIN! I wrote to the CEO explaining how Flybe losing my luggage for 36 hours on the outward leg of a weekend trip to Cheltenham Literature Festival on Oct 5 had completely screwed up my plans and prevented me from attending the festival (on the first weekend I’d had off after working non-stop 7/7 in India and Kenya for a few months). Didn’t hear a dickie bird. On the return leg Flybe damaged my baggage. I had to go to the official dealer myself, who of course then sent me elsewhere for the repairs. Three return trips across Paris, all requiring an afternoon off, all at MY expense. Flybe will only cover the cost of the actual repair! UNBELIEVABLE. They are so miserly, they won’t even cover the cost of public transport to effect the repair that their shoddy service made necessary. So, to recap, FLYBE completely ruined the weekend, making the actual trip pointless and then they break my baggage and I’m the one who has extra time, trouble and costs putting THEIR mistake right. You’d think they’d make some form of commercial gesture and at least refund the transport costs associated with the repair, wouldn’t you? Whoever they’ve got running PR should be sacked. Why would I ever want to travel with Flybe again? Oh! That’s right. I don’t! Since October I’ve travelled to the UK four times, each time with EUROSTAR. I heartily recommend anybody considering traveling between France and UK with Flybe to think again.

So there you go. Don’t say you weren’t warned…


Seems they’ve just finished filming the third and final part of Driven to Extremes in Malaysia’s djungles, now with Adrien Brody as the celebrity. It’s part of the adventure show of which Tom filmed his part in Siberia. Here’s how the show is described:

Shell in collaboration with Discovery Channel, commissioned a three-episode series called Shell Helix Driven to Extremes.

The objective was to put its premium motor oil, Shell Helix Ultra, to the ultimate test in some of the coldest, hottest and roughest locations on earth.

Part 1 was filmed in Siberia during its harsh winter conditions while Part 2 was filmed in China’s desert of death.

Part 3 was filmed in Ulu Sedili, where the crew had to overcome challenges of driving under extreme conditions in tropical jungles.

In every series, there were two drivers.

Mika Salo was the designated driver in all the three series while his co-driver in each series was a famous actor.

Adrien Brody, Henry Cavill (haven’t seen a photo of him from filming) and Tom Hardy. That’s the quite the trio! According to the article, the show will be aired in March, on Discovery Channel. Yay!

Sounds like my kind of documentary…